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Der Standard

"...…(The Ensemble Klesmer Wien) plays the music in a way that cannot be more life-affirming: with emotional turns of the bass, sighing of the violin, springing rhythms, melancholy and joy…the musicians allow a seemingly sunken world to come back to life"

Dr. Helga Thiel, Austrian Academy of Sciences

"…What this CD (Ensemble Klesmer – Live in Prag) gives as a listening experience is its live character, making a recording of great documentary importance. It makes it possible for the much-lauded musicality of Klezmer to be perceived in a way that is impossible with a studio recording. …the manifested vitality leaves open hope for future releases by the Ensemble Klesmer Wien."

Wiener Zeitung

"The Ensemble Klesmer Wien is undoubtedly among the most interesting groups. …Much importance is given to the authenticity of the show."

Kleine Zeitung

"The violin, bass and accordion made the Minorite Auditorium really come to life, but always with the famous plaintive absinthe drops that offset Klezmer music."

Kleine Zeitung

"The jubilation of the Fiddle of the Ensemble Klesmer Wien was just like in the Shtetls of Eastern Europe."

Kleine Zeitung

"They are researchers – and musicians. That is an ideal combination to guarantee the authenticity of the interpretations. The trio proves how impressively one can reawaken a tradition once thought of as gone and buried. …The accordion speaks whimsically, the fiddle laughs, and the bass springs along after."

Grazer Woche

"The Ensemble Klesmer Wien fiddles up a feast for the ears."

Täglich Alles

"The Viennese singer and violin player Leon Pollak performs with particular love"

Die Gemeinde

"Leon Pollak invokes the authenticity of Klezmer music...the "real thing" …he wins over the audience with his unassuming, almost timid way."

Kleine Zeitung

The violinist, singer and moderator Leon Pollak brings back Jewish culture in a wonderfull performance.